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                New Prints available for Christmas 2017

                                                only £95 framed!!!

                                  print size 30cm x 30cm Frame size 50cm x 50cm


             Rotherslade                                             Langland



                                              Autumn Skies 


                           Art Classes Now at Bulljam Gallery

                                               Every Wednesday.









Quality control was at a premium this week. "The Boss" was checking things out.

"Yea well happy with those" he said! 



New Bulljam decks sprayed and printed in store.    

Dan from D.Y. I came down to help us Screen Print our new spray jobs.



      New Bulljam boards.



 "A load of Bull". 

Freshly hand printed one off's.


Jac, Turbo, Max, Arch, Dan, Kobi, Olie, Dai.



                                                   Catch you in a bit!