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Space Man by David Marchant commissioned by the Arts Council of Wales.

David Marchant is a multi media artist whos work speaks about current issues within a post modern society. Marchant continually deliberates about how seduced people are by this condition, of which he admits is also, unavoidably, a product. The only aspect of his life which seems to be real is the way his children play with objects and transform them into alternative subjects, with the ability to avoid their original purpose. Marchant gains inspiration here to produce his work, using fun recognizable objects and reworking them to portray complex current issues. The idea spaceman and white noise has come from his children falling asleep whilst the video recorder has ended in their bedroom producing this flat sound. 

Stills from Space Man - "Exploration 1" And "Exploration 2"



The final film projected onto three screens in a triangular format accompanied by 5.1 surround sound using various forms of organic white noise.


Spaceman is a metaphor of how society blinds us with mediocrity and is an attempt to question this action, of which we are continually seduced.



Working in the Studio








Recording Audio out in the Field





Sound production and editing




 Space Man - Exploration 1 at the St Davids Hall - Cardiff.



Projection and discussion with David Marchant at Swansea Museum.



 Screening at Swansea Museum




Space Man "Exploration 1" show as a projection at Elysium Galleries


International film festival 2009 on Friday 30th October -14th Nov 09