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Art - Skate - Surf - Media.

Bulljam Gallery  is a unique little shop in Mumbles which depicts elements of modern culture and everyday life.

The name Bulljam evolved from my little boy bringing a pot of jam home he made at school. When i saw the label on the jam I couldn't believe how good it sounded so we started calling ourselves Bulljam. Our gallery is situated in Mumbles S.Wales.



We embrase Post Modern Culture and our ethos is simple,"if we like it we sell it"

If for some reason we arn't here please text.







                   "Art is culture, culture is life , life is recorded !"





Bulljam Art / Skate boards.



Landscapes by David Marchant




Animations , Film and Media projects


          Camera, edit, sound.                                         Exhibitions


Projections                                                      Awards                                                  

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  Green screen workshops                                    Animations.