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Art , Film and Modern Culture.

Bulljam Gallery  is a unique little shop in Mumbles which depicts elements of modern culture and everyday life.

The name Bulljam evolved from my little boy bringing a pot of jam home he made at school. When i saw the label on the jam I couldn't believe how good it sounded so we started calling ourselves Bulljam. Our gallery is situated in Mumbles S.Wales.



We embrace Post Modern Culture and have a lifelong love for Art.

If for some reason we arn't here please text.





   Land/Seacapes by David Marchant    




 Urban Art



                   "Art is culture, culture is life , life is recorded !"





Bulljam Art boards.




Animations, Film and Media projects.


          Camera, edit, sound.                                         Exhibitions.


Projections.                                                  Awards.                                                 

  Presentations.                                                       Events. 


  Green screen workshops.                            Animations.