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David Marchant.

Born in Swansea

B.A. - Three Dimensional Design - Caerleon.

M.A. - Fine Art - Cardiff.

My film work is multi-layered which envelops social control and attempts to portray what is "Real " in our post modern society. 

"Burst". Below show 4 short happenings - shown at the Royal Academy of Art 2008


 The visuals I create, in what ever medium I use, are an attempt to touch the sublime, to escape the seduction of which we are part of and to reclaim our identity.

 "Not Quite in control". Below show happenings shown at the Royal Academy

 of Art 2009.



Do we turn a blind eye, and fail to question anything abhorrent and if so why?

The work touches on public oppression in a world of drink, drugs, sex, the grotesque and ridiculous.It poses questions about seduction and the blurring of boundaries.


Some acts of my practice have led to one off performances,which include public interaction. "Art by the people for the people"

Publication of work in book called "It wasn't going to be straight forward" by G39.



Love Boat - music video for Red Snapper  2011.


"Cowin Lush" commissioned by Locws Art Across the City 2013 .


  Are we so conditioned by what we see on screen that we cannot distinguish between what is real and what is the non-real?  "We dont think in stills we are video" (quote by David Marchant 2007)

Below Spaceman Exploration 2 - Arts council of Wales award 2011.



Brief selected C.V

2017 - "Myths and Legends" to create Flag Designs with Swansea Schools inspired by Welsh Myths and Legends and Oystermouth Castle.This project was in collaboration with Locws Art and Swansea City Council.

Arts council "Creative Practitioner " working with Swansea / Gower schools developing literacy numeracy and technology skills through Art. Creating , animations and artworks based on the ancient Welsh book the Mabinogion.

Arts Council "Creative Practitioner" working with a focus group at a school in Neath to improve literacy and numeracy. The final Artwork resulting in creating a Mural.

"Leonardos Drawings" Resident Artist for educational projects responding to Leonardo Da Vinci's drawings on display at the Glyn Vivian Art Gallery.Working with Swansea schools producing 2 and 3D animation.Commissioned by Swansea City Council.


2015/16 - Commissioned by Locws Art across the City to teach and produce 10 community films for a mini film festival called SwanComm.

2013/14 - Commissioned to create an art piece for The National Portrait Gallery as a  response to World War 1 in conjunction with The National Museum of Wales.

Set up and run BullJam Gallery in Mumbles with a focus on art and modern culture.

2013. - Publication of work in book called "It wasn't going to be straight forward" by G39.2012 -  Chosen as an Artist for "Locws Art Across the City" in Oct 2012 and created a public art event  and film which evolved into four Neon signs exhibited in Wind Street. The Neon work "Cowin Lush" was covered by Radio Wales in A-N magazine and was filmed and interviewed by B.B.C. Wales.

2012- Produced and directed a 3D film for The ICON Project in conjunction with N.P.T.

2012- Created an evaluation film for project 'Just Bling', with The National            Museum of Wales.

2012 - Created a 'Criw Olion' documentary/promotional video for Swansea              Metropolitan University with NEET's.                

2012 - 'Crash' evaluation film, in conjunction with the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery and Tate Plus.

2011 - Sound installation at the Helwick Light Ship in Swansea Maritime Museum.

2011 - Music video 'Loveboat', made with the band Red Snapper.

2011- Arts council of Wales award to create a short film called 'Spaceman'.

2010 - Displayed film work at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

2009 - Displayed film work at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

2008 - Displayed film work at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

 2007- Displayed film work at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

I have also displayed work at The Wolstenholme Projects . Liverpool, Chapter Arts Gallery, Tactile Bosch and G39 in Cardiff, Oriel Myddin, Camarthen, Centre Space, Bristol, The Mall Gallery, London and The Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea.